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Display the pricing of your product or service
Using the Pricing block, you can display the different pricing options of your product or service. You can also link each option to a corresponding checkout page (internal or external), which we'll discuss a bit later.
Let's review the block settings.

Title and Subtitle

Here, you can customize the Title and Subtitle of the block.

Multiple billing cycles

You can enable this option if, for instance, you want to show different prices for yearly and monthly billing. Under Cycle description, you can add a custom text for your Yearly option.

Pricing Tiers

Here you add the details for each of your pricing tiers (Title, Yearly and Monthly prices, Features, etc.).


Each tier has a button that can be used to take the users to the checkout page. If you're using a payment service other than Stripe, you can use the Redirect to url option to take the users to your external checkout page.
To use the Stripe Checkout option, your first need to connect your Stripe account to your Softr app.
Now you just need to configure each plan corresponding to your Stripe products. If you have multiple billing cycles, you need to configure "Monthly Plan" & "Yearly Plan" fields in Softr. In case of a single billing cycle, you will configure only one "Plan" field.
You can find the Monthly/Yearly Plan ID by navigating to your Stripe Dashboard. On the dashboard, open Products Menu, select a specific product, and choose the corresponding Plan ID from the Pricing plans list. In case your Products list or Pricing list is empty, please make sure to follow the Stripe documentation to create Products & Plans first.
And finally, you need to fill out "Success Url" and "Error Url" fields, which show correspondingly where will customers be redirected upon completion (or cancellation/error scenario) of the checkout process.
The "Success Url" and "Error Url" fields are mandatory and Stripe checkout won't work if they are empty or don't start with either http:// or https://.