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The Feature block is for presenting some details about your product, highlighting its key features and advantages.
While the Hero area is for giving some general idea about your product and emphasizing its value proposition, the Feature block is supposed to go a bit more into details, providing concise information on the key features of the product and what they allow the users to achieve. The block has several layouts, which we'll discuss separately in this article's subsections, but let's first check out how the block configuration is organized in general, and what are the key settings.
The block has 4 key components:
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Image
  • Features List
Feature block structure
Let's check how each component is configured.

Title and Subtitle

These are two text areas where you can enter the text.
Title and Subtitle

Image and Background Image

Image and Background Image
Here you can add an image (either upload or select from gallery) by clicking on the image icon as well as enter an "alt" text for the image (specifies an alternate text for an image if the image cannot be displayed).
Next, you have the option to change the Image Position. It can be set to either Left or Right.
Lastly, there is a field to upload a Background Image for the whole Feature area.
The animation below shows the process of configuring this section.
Adding an Image and Background Image to the Feature block


In this section you add the features along with their Title, Description, and Icon.
The features are added within separate tabs as shown below. There's also a plus button for adding a new feature tab as well as a delete option to delete the current feature.
Add and Delete options
You can also reorganize the tabs. When hovering over the active tab's number, left or right (depending on the tab position) arrow buttons appear to move the tab left or right. See below.
Adding and deleting a feature
That's it. Now let's move on and see what layouts are available for the Feature block.
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Title and Subtitle
Image and Background Image