👋 Getting Started

Welcome to Softr knowledge base! In this section you’ll find everything you need to get started. We’re happy to begin the journey with you. Let’s go!

Basic Concepts

Softr's core concept is the building block. You have the freedom of arranging the blocks in any order, grouping them into pages and defining a particular set of links and relationships within your application as well as with external parties.

Another key concept is the database, which allows you to display a collection of data to your users or collect some data from them instead. Softr uses Airtable for that purpose, which is a powerful and easy-to-use tool.


After logging in, you'll be taken to the Dashboard. The Dashboard is where all your apps live. This is where you organize all your projects and invite others to collaborate with you. It is also the starting point for creating new apps.


Creating Your First Application

On your Dashboard, you'll see the Add new application button. Let's click on it and see what we got.

Add new application

After hitting the button, a new window will appear, where you first need to decide which category you’d like to go with (Web-app or Website) and then either select the Blank option or choose from the variety of templates that are available (see below).

Template selection

You need to take into account that the Blank option is the same for both Web-apps and Websites, i.e. you will have the same set of features. Therefore, the difference lies within the templates that are available for each category. Your category choice will depend on the nature of the site you want to build and its purpose. The Websites category contains templates that are mostly for marketing websites (e.g. to promote a certain product or publish your portfolio), while the Web-apps category contains application templates (e.g. a job board or an upvote tool). To get a better idea of each template and explore it, you need to hover over the thumbnail and hit Preview as shown below.

Previewing the template

After looking through the templates and finding the one that fits your needs, you should click the select button that appears on hover. After selecting the template, you’ll be taken to the Studio, where you can start modifying the template.


Softr Studio

The studio is your workspace where you design and build your app. Let's check how the navigation is organized here.

In the left toolbar, you can access Pages, Blocks, Data, as well as the app Settings.

On the left-hand side of the top navigation bar, you see the page you're currently editing and its path. In the center, you have the option to switch to tablet or mobile views to see what your page would look like on smaller screens. In the upper right corner, you have the Preview button, which can be used to preview your app at any moment, and the Publish button. Lastly, you have the profile icon using which you can navigate back to Dashboard, to your account or documentation, or simply sign out.

Please, note that on all the pages you have the live chat button in the bottom left corner, which you can use to get in touch with us whenever you have a question, complaint, or a suggestion.