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Feature Grid
Represent your product features in a grid layout.
Similar to the Feature block, the Feature Grid block is meant for providing information about the key features of your product and what they allow users to achieve. However, here the features are organized into a full-width grid, which often allows for more space that can be filled with images and additional details about each feature.
The block has a number of different layouts, which we'll discuss separately in the subsections, but let's first review the key components that are common for all the layouts. Those are
  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Background Image
  • Features
Feature Grid block structure
Now, let's examine each component's configuration.

Title, Subtitle, and Background Image

There are two text areas to enter the Title and Subtitle and an option to add a Background Image for the whole block.
Title, Subtitle, and Background Image


Here you add the features along with their Title, Description, and Icon.
The features are added within separate tabs as shown below. There's also a plus button for adding a new feature tab as well as a delete option to delete the current feature.
Section for adding/removing features
It's possible to re-organize the tabs whenever needed. When hovering over the active tab's number, left and/or right (depending on the tab position), arrow buttons appear to move the tab left or right, as shown below.
Reorganizing features
So, these are the key features of the block. Check the subsections of this article to learn more about each specific layout.
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Title, Subtitle, and Background Image