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A block with a Call to Action button
This is a simple block with some text and one or more CTA buttons that accomplish certain actions. The block has a Title, Subtitle, and a Button(s).
CTA Block
Let's check out how each component is configured.

Title, Subtitle, and Background Image

Here you customize the Title and Subtitle texts and can add a Background Image for the whole block.
Title, Subtitle, and Background Image


By default, there's only one button, but you can use the Add Button option to add more buttons.
Adding a button
In the Call to action with email capture layout the button allows to capture the user's email, but in the rest of the layouts it has the following Action options:
  • Open page to open another page within the app
  • Scroll to section to scroll to a specific section within the page
  • Open external url
Button's Action
Copy link
Title, Subtitle, and Background Image