Customize an AI-generated App

Step-by-step guide on how to customize an AI-generated app

First of all, congrats on building your first app with Softr AI App Generator!


If you’re new to Softr, check out the Quick Start Guide and Softr’s core concepts to get up to speed with the foundations.

Customizing your AI app

Head to the app studio to edit your app experience.

Step 1: Set up your data

AI-generated apps already have generated data in Google Sheets connected to the app. You need to copy the database to your Google account to make it your own and customize it as you wish.

If you want to connect data you already have in Google Sheets or Airtable, you can do that from Workspace Settings.
Copy generated data
Copy generated data

Step 2: Edit your app

The Studio is your workspace where you design and build your app. In the left toolbar, you can access Pages. Create new ones or edit existing pages to your liking.

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Each page contains Blocks; you can customize the style and function of existing ones or add new blocks.

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Step 3: Update Users and User groups

Generated apps can come with generated user roles. You can update them in the Users setting and customize User Groups & Permissions

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Step 4: Review app settings

Before publishing your app, review the app Settings to define custom domains, integrations, SEO, and others

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Step 4: Preview & Publish

In the upper right corner, you have the Preview button, which can be used to preview your app at any moment, and the Publish button when it’s time to go live! Click the Publish button on the top right corner. After publishing, you can always make changes in your app and publish your changes the same way.

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Additional tips

Please note that on all the pages, you have the live chat button in the bottom left corner, which you can use to contact us whenever you have a question, complaint, or suggestion.


Learning resources

  • Community forum. This is a place where our users initiate discussions, get help from other community members and the Softr team, share their projects, and have fun.
  • Softr Experts. Our experts are so good that we often learn new things about Softr from them 😄 So, if you have a problem, they definitely have a solution.

With Softr AI App Generator now, you can generate a full-fledged app with just a prompt!

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Last updated on October 12, 2023