Pages and Blocks

The two core concepts of Softr.

Softr's core concept is the building block. You have the freedom of arranging the blocks in any order, grouping them into pages and defining a particular set of links and relationships within your application as well as with external parties.

A page in Softr has its unique set of settings that can be configured for each page separately. Those include SEO configurations, visibility (which user groups can see the page), custom code, and more. You can learn more about configuring pages in our overview of page settings.

Anyways, when you create a new page, its empty, and you need to add content to it, which is done through Softr blocks. We offer a really wide variety of building blocks for different purposes. First, there are the static block such as the Hero, Feature , Feature Grid, etc., which are mostly used to communicate information about your product, portfolio, or anything else you’re presenting.

Then, you have the dynamic blocks, which are supposed to work in combination with a data source to represent your data and also allow your users to make changes to it. The most widely used blocks here are the List and Table blocks, but there are also Chart, Map, Calendar, and other blocks that can be used to represent your data in all sorts of different ways.

Similar to pages, blocks also have their own unique set of settings. Those can differ depending on the block type, but there are some common settings such as block visibility, block styles, and so on.

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Last updated on September 1, 2023