AI App Generator Overview

Generate an app with only a prompt

Now, you can generate a full-fledged app with just a prompt!


A step-by-step guide to generating your first app


Step 1: Head to Softr AI App Generator

Step 2: Select what type of app you want to generate:

  • Client Portal
  • Internal tool
  • Directory
  • Membership platform
  • Website
Softr AI App Generator
Softr AI App Generator

Step 3: Describe your app idea with a short sentence. Or get inspired by some of our suggestions:

  • A client portal for a VC fund to share updates with their investors.
  • An employee intranet for knowledge sharing and communicating company updates.
  • A directory of companies specializing in VR content and VR experiences.
  • A membership platform where businesses keen on franchising can access insights, receive legal advice, and learn from success stories.
  • A website for a blockchain consultancy company, presenting successful blockchain integrations, educational workshops, and client success stories.

Step 4: Preview the app to select your preferred theme and accent color.

Select a theme and accent color
Select a theme and accent color

Step 5: Generate your app!✨  Note: Bigger applications might take a few seconds.


Step 6: You will see an interactive preview once an app is generated. Feel free to explore it like it’s a real app! Sign in as different users and check out different pages and functionality.

Notion image

Step 7: If you like the result, share it with others or go to the studio to customize it further.

What to expect from an AI-generated app?

Depending on the app type, your generated app can include the following:

You can customize your app to your needs or explore advanced functionality in Softr Studio.
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Last updated on October 11, 2023