Users tab

Manage users in your app’s Users tab.

The Users tab can be accessed from the left-hand toolbar. Here you can see a list of users that exist in your application.

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Sync users with a data source

You can manage users entirely in Softr or sync users with an external data source. By connecting to an external data source, you get to use additional custom fields to create user groups and application logic.

The Last Seen Date data is available to Business Plan users only.

Add user(s)

You can add users manually by clicking on the Add user(s) button.

Manager users

By selecting users you want to manage, you will be presented with a list of actions:

  • Resend invite emails to the selected users.
  • Download the user list as a CSV file.
  • Delete the selected users.
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Please, note that deleting a user entry from your Softr app's Users section will delete it in the connected data source too.

Manage magic link

With Magic Link, you can generate a unique token for your users to log into your Softr app without manually signing in with a password. This can be handy when you create a user in the Users section and need them to sign in for the first time. Later on, the user can set up the account info in User Profile and sign in the usual way.

Let's see how that works.

Generating magic link

First, you need to select the users you want to generate the link for (using the checkboxes in the first column).

After selecting the users, click Generate Magic Links under the Actions menu.

Generate magic link
Generate magic link

Copy magic link

After generating the link, you can copy it using the copy button.

Copying the link
Copying the link

Regenerate magic link

You can regenerate any user's Magic Link at any time using the regenerate button as shown below.

Regenerating the link
Regenerating the link

Use magic link

That's it, now you can send the link to the user you've generated it for. As soon as the user click's on the link or pastes it in the browser address bar, he/she will access your site in logged-in state.

If you want the user to be taken to a specific page in your application, you can append the following parameter at the end of your magic link: &next-page=/page-path For instance, if you have a page that you want to add, your parameter will look as follows: &next-page=/about-us
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Last updated on December 6, 2022