Data Sources

Connecting data to your Softr project.

Connecting a data source to your Softr app is optional, but, if you want to go a bit further than creating a simple website with static content, it becomes a necessity.

As soon as you connect a data source to your Softr app, you can present your data through Softr’s interface and, whenever you update any of that data, the changes will be reflected on your Softr app in real time (no need to publish the app again).

On the other hand, you can also add user accounts and define edit permissions, so that your users can log in and edit the data through the Softr interface, thus updating the data in your original data source as well. This can be the case, if you, for instance, have built a client portal and want your clients to log in and make updates to their project on a regular basis.

Supported data sources

Softr is working hard to add more and more data sources. The following is the list of data source platforms that are supported as of now:

Can't find the data source you want to use in your app? Just let us know!

You can get familiar with each data source platform and how it interacts with Softr in the respective articles. It’s important to note that you don’t really need to stick to a single data source for a given Softr app and can connect multiple data sources from the same or different platforms and use them throughout your project.

You can use more than one data source in the same application as well as on the same page in your application.
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Last updated on February 13, 2024