Adding user accounts to your Softr application.

One of the beautiful things about Softr is that you can add user accounts to your app right away without having to integrate any third-party services or stuff like that. All you need to do is add a Signup block or add a user(s) manually, and there you have it. Further on, you can create different User Groups with their unique access levels to specify who can view what within your app.

Another good thing is that the whole memberships functionality is available on the lower subscriptions plans including the Free Plan (although with some limitations on the number of users), and you can create a fully-functional membership site and test it on a small group of users before deciding whether you want to scale.

Registered users can modify their user profiles, update data on your site, and even manage their payment info if you’ve done a payment integration.

To get a better idea how memberships work on Softr, check out our Memberships section or, even better, read our step-by-step tutorial on enabling memberships and creating gated content with Softr.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022