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In this article we'll show you how to integrate Intercom on your Softr app.
Intercom is a messaging platform that allows you to communicate with prospective and existing customers. Here, we'll go through the process of adding the Intercom chat widget to your Softr app.

Locating Intercom Workspace ID

First, you need to locate your Intercom workspace ID (app ID). It can be found in the URL of any page you have open in Intercom. It's the code that comes after apps/.
The workspace ID can also be found in Settings. In your Intercom account, hover over the account icon in the lower left corner and go to Settings.
Then go to Installation => Web and choose the With code option under Install chat for visitors.
Scroll down and copy the app_id.

Adding Workspace ID in Softr Studio

So, after copying the workspace ID, navigate to Settings => Integrations => Intercom in your Softr Studio and paste the ID.
Adding the ID in Softr
That's it. As soon as you save your settings and republish your Softr app, the Intercom chat widget will start appearing.
Intecom widget added
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Locating Intercom Workspace ID
Adding Workspace ID in Softr Studio