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Crisp is an all-in-one multichannel messaging platform that helps you and your customers connect.

Adding Your Website

To integrate Crisp on your Softr app, you need to add your site domain and name when registering on Crisp or in Settings => Website Settings => Add a new website.

Getting the Website ID

As soon as your site is set up, go ahead and connect Crisp. First, you need to click Integrations next to your site name in Settings => Website settings.
In the pop-up that appears next, choose the HTML option and copy the Website ID as shown below.

Adding the Website ID in Softr Studio

Finally, go back to Softr Studio and paste the code in Settings => Integrations => Crisp.
Adding the ID in Softr
Save the settings, publish your app again, and you’re done. Now the Crisp chat icon should appear on your site, allowing your customers to contact you any time.