HubSpot Chat

HubSpot Chat allows to add a chat widget on your site to connect with site visitors at any time.

Creating a Chatflow

To add a chat widget to your Softr app, you first need to create a chatflow in your HubSpot account to be able to receive messages. To do that, go to Conversations => Chatflows => Create chatflow.

In the next step, choose Website.

Then select Live chat.

Next, select the Inbox and a Language for the chatflow, and hit Create. You can find more info on configuring these and other parameters of the chatflow here.

Lastly, you enter the edit page where you can customize your chatflow, and, as soon as you are done, enable it in the upper right corner of the page.

So, your chatflow is ready, and you can go ahead and add the tracking code in your Softr app to start displaying the chat widget to your visitors.

Getting the Tracking Code

Go to Settings in your HubSpot account.

Scroll down to Tracking Code and copy the Embed code.

The location of the tracking code can be different depending on your HubSpot subscription plan. Check out this article for more details.

Adding the Tracking Code in Softr Studio

In Softr Studio, go to Settings => Integrations => HubSpot Chat, and enter the Tracking Code.

Save the Settings, republish your app, and you're done. Now, the chat widget should start appearing on your site.