Google Sign In

Integrating Google Sign In for Signup and Signin blocks

To enable Google Sign In on the Signup and Signin forms, you first need to integrate Google Sign in by adding Google App Client ID and Secret credentials here. Let's go through the steps of getting the credentials.

Creating a Project

To start with, you need to create a project (if you don't have one yet) in your Google Cloud Platform.

Creating a project

In the next screen, add the project details (organization and location will be autofilled based on your email, but you can change them) and hit Create to create the project.

Project details

From your project dashboard, go to APIs & Services section.

Navigating to APIs & Services

This is where you create your credentials, but before that, you need to configure the Consent Screen. Let's see how.

Configuring the Consent Screen

In the APIs & Services section, navigate to Credentials and click on CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN.

Configure Consent Screen

Next, choose External for the User Type and click Create.

User Type

In the next page, you need to fill in your app details. Here, it's important to add your Softr domain to the Authorized Domains. To do that, you need to click Add Domain under the corresponding section and fill in your domain as shown below.

If your Softr app is on a Softr subdomain (e.g., then you need to add "" as the authorized domain. If you've connected a custom domain (e.g., just add your domain as it is.

Authorized Domain Setup

In the next steps, you can define Scopes, add Test Users, and finalize the setup. As soon as you're, done, click Back to Dashboard at the bottom of the screen. Now, let's proceed to creating the credentials to connect your app from Softr.

Creating Credentials

From the Credentials section click on Create Credentials and choose OAuth client ID.

Create Credentials

In the next screen, you need to select the Application type as Web application and add your full domain (e.g. or under Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URLs.

OAuth client ID setup

As soon as you complete the setup, a pop-up will appear with your Client ID and Client Secret.

Client ID and Client Secret

Just copy those and paste into the respective fields in Integrations => Google Sign In.

Adding the credentials

That's it. Just hit Save, and you're done.