Questions related to Airtable configuration and sending data from/to Airtable.

Why is my Airtable field not visible in Softr?

Here are the 2 most common reasons why your Airtable field might not be appearing in your Softr app:

  1. The field is empty in Airtable;
  1. The field is a linked record. Softr doesn't support linked records for the Chart block. If that's the case, you can use lookup fields instead.
  1. Your field is a Computed Field and is not directly editable.
How to randomize data from Airtable?

There is a custom code for this purpose which can be found here.

Is it possible to pull Airtable’s Linked Records into the Table block?

It is possible to do using Airtable Lookup fields. You will learn how to do it here.

How to update existing Airtable record in Softr?

There is a video tutorial explaining how to update an Airtable record in Softr.

How to import users from Airtable to Softr automatically?

If you need to create users based on different actions, form submissions or directly from Airtable you can use our API and trigger it via Zapier or Make.

Should the Airtable Table name be in the Latin-based alphabet to be seen in Softr?

Yes, otherwise “No Results Found” will be shown.

Some fields don’t show results although they are mapped correctly.

Please make sure there are no special characters in the title of those fields in Airtable.

How users can delete an Airtable record from Softr?

It can be done directly from Airtable only. However, there is a workaround. You can create an automation in Airtable to set up a field (e.g. Status), so that, as soon as a user changes the Status value (e.g. to "Delete"), the automation triggers a record deletion.

Airtable entries are not showing. Why?

Each field needs to be mapped (connected) with its corresponding field on Airtable. Also, the fields might be sorted by a Field that has been modified on Airtable or no longer exists.

How to display a filtered/sorted version of the Airtable table through the List or other dynamic block connected to Airtable?

You need to add a new view on Airtable with the required filtering/sorting and connect that specific view on Softr’s List block via the Default View option. Alternatively, you can use the List's sorting option (Sort By) and conditional filtering to filter the list.

How do I show tags and can I filter data using tags?

To display multiple tags, you can link your Tag field to a multi-select field on Airtable. Note that tags are for displaying information only and can't be used to filter the list.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022