Domain Setup

Connecting domains and subdomains to your Softr app.

How to proceed if I have my SSL/DNS setup in CloudFlare?

If you are using Cloudflare with Softr, please use DNS Only Records instead of Proxied ones. See the image below.

Notion image
Custom domain can’t be connected. What should I do?

Apart from the steps described here, there are cases when the custom domain is not working because the app has not been published.

How to add one more custom domain?

Currently, each subscription plan provided a limited number of custom domain slots (3 for the Business plan). However, we are able to provide additional domain slots upon request.

When setting up a custom domain, the "this site can't provide a secure connection" message appears. How to solve it?
  • Make sure you have the right DNS with the right IP address:
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Last updated on January 12, 2024