Pages, Theme, General Settings

Configuring the styling and settings of your Softr app.

Can I select a color for component X for the whole site?

Yes, there are Default Styles in the Theme section in your Softr studio.

Can I set a specific page to be full-width?

Not a specific page, but you can make the whole site full-width in the Theme section.

How to change the page name on browser tab?

You will need to set up SEO Title in the page settings.

How to add OpenGraph descriptions and image to page?

Check the Social section in page settings.

How to import users from Airtable to Softr automatically?

If you need to create users based on different actions, form submissions or directly from Airtable you can use our API and trigger it via Zapier or Make.

How to redirect from one page to another based on a condition in Softr?

There is no option for that. However, you can achieve something like that using JavaScript custom code and adding it to the Custom Code area of the page.

How to add social sharing to my pages?

We recommend integrating third-party services such as AddThis or ShareThis.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022