How to make pages/blocks accessible only to company users

Create a gated are for your company employees.

Very often you need to make certain areas of your website or web app accessible only by internal users such as your employees. So, let's see how that can be achieved.

Defining a Visibility Condition for a Block/Page

To restrict a specific block or page to a certain group of users, you need to set block or page visibility. Let's say you want to make a certain page available to your company users only. To do that, you need to change the visibility to Logged in users in Page Settings.

Switch visibility to logged in users
Switch visibility to logged in users

Further on, you need to create a user group that includes only to the users with a given email domain (e.g. your company domain).

Creating a user group
Creating a user group

Further on, you need to select the created user group under your page's visibility settings as shown below.

Adding a user group to a page
Adding a user group to a page

That's it. Now only the users with the specified email domain who log into your site will see the page. If you need to cover multiple domains you can just add multiple conditions for different domains or just use the Logged in User's Email and list all the email addressed individually.

Let's move forward and see how you can configure the login process and manage your users.

Enabling User Login

Even if you don't have a public sign in/sign up option, you can set up a login page without the option to register and add your users manually. You can disable signup by switching off the Sign Up toggle from the Signin block settings.

“Show Signup” toggle
“Show Signup” toggle

In the next section, we'll discuss user management aspects.

User Management

So, if you've enabled sign in as we discussed in the previous section, you can now manually add your internal users from the Users tab. Use the "Add User" button to add the users using their email address and setting a password for them, so that they can login the first time and change it later (don't forget to notify them about it).

To allow your users to change their default password, you need to set up a User Profile block, where they can set a new password and edit other info if needed.


After completing the above-mentioned steps, you'll have a page that is only accessible by users with the specified email domain. Obviously, the same can include as many pages or blocks within your Softr app as needed.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022