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Links (Page, Block, and External Website)
Links allow you to link a specific part of your website (e.g. Header menu, Feature, etc.) to another page of your website, to an external website, or to a specific section on your page.
You can use any of these formats for the link.

Page Linking

Format: "/pathOfAnotherPage"
To link to another page on your website, use "/pathOfAnotherPage" format. The path of the page can be found in Page Settings => General => Url.​
Example: If you have an "FAQ" page with url "/faq", then you should use "/faq" as a reference.
NOTE: To link to your homepage, simply use "/" as a reference.
Page URL
Block linking allows you to link to a specific block on a page. When clicking on the link, it will scroll to a specific block on the same or another page.
"blockName" should be unique across the page
The block name can be found (and edited) inside the header of each block settings and is also prefixed by a # (see below).
Pricing block name
To link to a specific section on the same or different page, you can use the Scroll to section option available for buttons and choose the required section as shown below.
Linking to a specific section of the page

3. External Website Linking

Format: ""
To link to an external website, you simply enter the URL into the link field using the following format "".
Copy link
Page Linking
Block Linking (also called Anchor Links)
3. External Website Linking