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Block Visibility
How to configure conditional visibility rules on a block level
This section goes through the process of configuring the visibility of any block in your Softr app.
As soon as you have set up memberships, you can choose which user group you want a particular block to be visible to. This is configured through the "eye" icon next to the block name and has the following options:
  • All users (selected by default)
  • Logged in users
  • Non Logged in users
Accessing block visibility
Visibility options
If you switch the block visibility to Logged in users or to Non Logged in users, a padlock icon will start appearing on the block, as shown below, indicating that it's gated content with limited visibility.
Padlock icon indicating limited visibility
For example, the block visibility feature can be used to show a header with log in/sign up buttons to non logged in users and a different header without buttons to logged in users (discussed here). But that's just one case, and there can be many other cases when you need to display/hide a certain block from different user group, thus having a different content for logged in and non logged in users.
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