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Integrating a form on Softr
In this tutorial, we'll go through the process of adding a Typeform form on a Softr app.

Getting the Form Embed Code

In your Typeform account, open the form that you want to add to your site, and hit Share in the top navbar.
Share Form
Further on, you need to choose the embed mode, and you can also configure the design and some advanced settings (each mode has its specific settings).
Embed Mode
As soon as the embed is ready, hit the Get the code button and copy the embed code, which you'll then need to add to your Softr app. The next section shows how to add the embed code for all the modes except the Full-page mode. For adding a Full-page code, please proceed to this section.

Adding the Embed Code

The embed code can be added inside a Custom Code block. You just need to paste the code inside the block as shown below.
Adding embed code inside the Custom Code block

Adding a Full-Page Embed Code

If you want to add a Full-page Typeform embed, you can use the Custom Code section inside Page Settings. Just paste the code inside the Header or Footer area.
Adding the code to a page
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Getting the Form Embed Code
Adding the Embed Code
Adding a Full-Page Embed Code