Signin with Email Code

Allow users to sign in with a one-time code.

Signin in with code
Signin in with code
This feature is only available to Professional and Business users.

Using this sign-in block, you can allow your users to log in using a random code sent to their email instead of entering a password. Let's quickly review the block settings.

The code will be valid for 5 minutes after being sent.

Signin Form

If the Only registered users can sign in toggle is enabled, only the users that already have an account in your Softr app will be able to sign in using this block.

The Domain-based signup option works similar to that of the Signup Form.

Step 1: Email

Here, you can customize the Email field placeholder text as well as the text on the send button.

Step 2: Code

The code field placeholder text and Signin button text can also be customized.

On Signin

Finally, you need to choose the page the the users will be taken to after signin.


Now, let's see how the block works from the user's standpoint. In the first step, the user needs to enter his/her email address as shown below.

Entering email
Entering email

Next, a random code will be send to user's mailbox, which he/she should use in the Sign in code field to log in. See below.

Logging in with the received code
Logging in with the received code

That's. It only takes a few seconds to get the code and enter the site.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022