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OpenId Settings
​OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an open authentication protocol that extends the OAuth 2.0 protocol, adding an identity layer to it. There are a number of services that use the OpenId technology, but right now Softr supports the Outseta membership software (more options coming soon).
Please, note that the feature is available only for Business plan customers.
Thus, if you use Outseta as your user management and authentication solution, you can integrate it with Softr, allowing your users to log into your Softr app with their Outseta credentials. The integration steps are pretty simple and straightforward, so let's start.

Getting the Callback URL

First, let's copy the Callback URL from our OpenId Settings. We are going to use it in our Outseta account, so let's switch there for a moment.

Adding an OAuth Client in Outseta

First, we need to add an OAuth Client in our Outseta account. To do that, we need to navigate to Settings => Integrations => OAuth and hit Add OAuth Client.
Adding OAuth Client
In the pop-up that follows, we are going to add a Name for the client, paste the Callback ID we had copied earlier from our Softr app։ The Logout Redirect URL can be left blank.
Configuring OAuth client
After completing those, click Add, and the pop-up will expand, showing your Integration Details.
Integration Details
Here, you need the Client Id and Client Secret values.

Adding Client Id and Secret on Softr

Now we are going to add the Client Id and Client Secret values, which we obtained in the previous step, in our Softr app's OpenId Settings.
As you can notice, we've added under Provider URL. In your case, the URL will have a similar structure, but "" will be reaplced with your own Outseta domain:
After completing this, Save your settings, and you're done. Now, you can use the OpenId Single sign on block to allow your users log in with their Outseta credentials.

Testing the Integration

Let's add a user on Outseta and try logging with this user's credentials on Softr. Below you can see the user we've created on Outseta (in People section).
Adding a person on Outseta
Now, let's try logging in to our Softr app with this profile.
Testing Outseta integration
As you can see, everything is working as expected.
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Getting the Callback URL
Adding an OAuth Client in Outseta
Adding Client Id and Secret on Softr
Testing the Integration