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Connect to Airtable

Connecting to a table with user data
Using this feature, you can connect your data to an Airtable base and store your users there as well.
The users that already exist in your Softr app's Data section, will not be moved to Airtable. Only the users created after connecting to Airtable will be synced.
To be able to connect to Airtable, you need to have your Airtable account connected to your Softr app. Then, hit the Connect to Airtable button and, in the following pop-up, specify the following parameters:
  • Airtable Base (choose the base to which you want to connect)
  • Users Table (choose a table within the base)
  • Email Field (choose the field for storing the user's email)
Optional fields
  • Name Field (choose the field for storing the user's name)
  • Magic Link Field (choose the field for storing the user's magic link)
  • Avatar field (choose the field for storing user's avatar; instructions on setting up avatar can be found here)
After specifying these parameters, hit Save, and that's it. Now, any user added in your Softr app will be added to the specified Airtable base as well.
Connecting Airtable and adding a user
Please, note that the Airtable sync is only from Softr to Airtable and not vice versa. Softr will still be your main users base, and Airtable will just serve as an additional storage that also allows adding new parameters to users.

Editing Connection and Deleting Users

You can edit or remove the established connection at any time using the corresponding action in Airtable Connection menu.
Airtable Connection menu
Please, note that deleting a user entry from your Softr app's Users section won't delete it in the connected Airtable base.