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User Profile
User Profile Block
The User Profile block allows your users to edit their info and password.
The link to the page with the User Profile block can be added under Profile Links when Show User Profile is enabled on the Header.
Adding a link to User Profile under Profile Links
Now, let's check out what configuration options are available for the block.

Background Image

Block Background Image
Here, you can set a background image for the block.

My Information

Default Fields

My Information default fields
Here, you can configure the section Title as well as the placeholders of the Name and Email fields. Please, note that the Update Profile button's Action is predefined and cannot be changed.

Additional Fields

If you've connected an Airtable users base with additional user parameters, you can add more fields to the User Profile block and link them to these parameter field on Airtable, so that your users are able to edit those as well. If there's no Airtable connected yet, you'll see a Setup Airtable button, which you can use to connect the Airtable base as described here. Let's examine this on a specific example.
Let's say our users are company employees that have a Position within the company. To account for that, we have an additional Position field in our users Airtable along with its different options.
Additional Position field
So, on the User Profile block, we can create a new field and link it to the Position field on Airtable.
Mapping the position field
Now, user will be able to edit their position from the user profile as shown below.
User changing his/her Position
For enabling user avatar, check out this tutorial.

Change Password

Here, you can configure the placeholder texts of the Change Password fields and modify the section title.
Change Password section
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Background Image
My Information
Default Fields
Additional Fields
Change Password