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Sign Up Form

Signup Form

Logo, Title, and Background Image

Under the Features tab of block settings, you can add a logo to the block, change the title, as well as set a background image for the whole block.

Signup Form

Sign up with Google

If you enable this option, a Sign up with Google button will be added to the form, allowing your users to sign up with their Google Accounts.
Sign up with Google
To enable Google Signup, you first need to add your Google APP Client details in Integrations => Google Sign In. You can find instructions on getting the Client ID and Client Secret here.

Domain-based signup

Here, you can allow users to sign up only from specified domains. To do so, you need to add these domains inside the Allowed domains field. For instance, if you want only people with "" domains (e.g. [email protected]) to sign up, you need to enter "" into Allowed domains and hit Enter (see below). You can add as many domains as needed.
Adding allowed domains

Form fields

Default Fields

By default, you have three fields: Name, Email, and Password, where the Name field can be enabled or disabled. The placeholder texts of these fields can be modified as well. However, it's also possible to add any number of additional fields after connecting an Airtable users base, which we'll discuss next.

Adding Custom Fields

You also have the option of customizing the Signup block by adding more fields. The values of additional fields will be stored on Airtable, therefore you need to have Airtable connected in the Users section. If you haven't connected an Airtable users base yet, you'll see a Setup Airtable option under the Signup Form section in the Features tab.
Setup Airtable
After clicking the Setup Airtable button, you'll need to follow the process described here to connect an Airtable base where user data will be synced. Further on, in your Airtable base, you can define additional fields to store extra user parameters and add those to the Signup form as well. Let's consider a specific example to give you a better idea of how this works.
Let's connect a users base, where we have added an additional Position field that indicates the position of the registered employee within the company.
Users base with additional parameter
Now, we can add a position field to our Signup form and link it to this field on Airtable as done below.
Additional Position field
As a result, the users can now select a Position on signup, and it will be stored in the connected Airtable base as shown below.
Additional Signup field stored on Airtable

Sign Up Button

Lastly, there's the Sign Up button. The button Text can be changed, while the Action is predefined and can't be modified.

Terms and Conditions

Here, you can choose if you want to display a Terms & Conditions checkbox on the form, so that the users have to accept it before proceeding with the registration. If the checkbox is enabled, there are two fields for linking Terms and Privacy Policy content. The animation below shows how a separate page containing the Terms can be linked to the Signup Form.
Linking a Terms page

Show Signin

Choose whether you want to show a signin button (takes the user to the signin page) or not.

On Signup

Lastly, we need to set what page the user should be taken to after successfully signing up.
Configuring page after signup