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Sign In Form
Sign in Form

Logo, Title, and Background Image

This section is configured the same way as on the Sign Up Form.


Sign in Form settings

Show Sign in with Google

If you enable this option, a Sign in with Google button will be added to the form, allowing your users to sign in with their Google Accounts.
Sign in with Google
To enable Google Signup, you first need to add your Google APP Client details in Integrations => Google Sign In. You can find instructions on getting the Client ID and Client Secret here.
If the Only registered users can sign in toggle is enabled, only the users that already have an account on your Softr app will be able to sign in with Google.

Email and Password

Here, you can configure the Email and Password fields. The placeholder texts of these fields can be modified.

Sign In Button

Lastly, there's the Sign In button. The button Text can be changed, while the Action is predefined and can't be modified.

On Click

First, you need to set which page the user should be taken to after signing in.
Then, there's the Forgot Password? link, which is supposed to be linked to the page with the Forgot Password Form.
Finally, you have the Sign Up button, which can be used by the user if he/she still needs to register. It is supposed to be linked to the page with the Sign Up Form.
On Click Configuration