Add users to a Softr app

Create users and let them log into your Softr app.

Create users

You can add users to a Softr app in many different ways:

  • Create users via Zapier or API

Depending on the application, one option might be preferable to the others. For instance:

  • If you're building a member community that anyone can join, you’d want to have a public signup page.
  • If you run an internal tool for your company, you’d want to add users manually.

(authentication) methods

You can let users sign in to a Softr app using any of the following methods.

Avoid mixing multiple sign-in methods within the same application.

Sign in with email & password

The most standard option. Users can log into an app using their email and password.

Sign in with email code

This option lets your users enter their email and get a one-time code to access your app.

Sign in with SMS code

This is similar to the previous option, but instead of entering their email address, users need to provide a phone number and get a one-time access code via sms.

Sign in with magic Link

Magic link is a URL with a unique token that will allow a user to log in by simply clicking on the link or entering it in the browser address bar.

Sign in with Google

Allow users to sign in with Google.

SAML Single Sign-On

SAML is an open standard that allows different third-party services (Identity Providers) to pass authorization credentials to service providers (including your Softr app), so that users can use a single set of credentials to log into different service providers. You can learn more about single sign-on and how to set it up for your Softr app here.

OpenID Single Sign-On

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is an open authentication protocol that extends the OAuth 2.0 protocol, adding an identity layer to it. OpenId is utilized by numerous services, and Softr currently supports the Outseta membership software (more options available soon). Here, you can learn how to integrate Outseta with Softr to allow your users log into your Softr app with their Outseta credentials.

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Last updated on September 1, 2023