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Stripe Checkout
The Stripe Checkout integration lets you collect payments from your application built on Softr.
With Stripe Checkout’s serverless integration for simple one-time payments or recurring subscriptions, you are able to charge your customers with a click of a button.
Softr doesn't process or store any of your Stripe payment data, it's all handled by Stripe.

Connecting Stripe

Connecting to Stripe requires you to have an account in Stripe. If you don't have an account yet or new to Stripe, please get yourself familiar with the Stripe documentation first.
After making sure you have Stripe account, Products & Pricing Plans defined, proceed with these steps to connect Stripe Checkout to your Softr's application.

1. Enable Checkout on Stripe Side

Visit the Stripe Settings page to enable the Checkout client integration. Then add your custom domain name in the Domains input field in Stripe and press Save (see below).

2. Enable Checkout on Softr Side

To enable checkout on Softr side, you need to first add your Stripe's authentication key to Softr. Copy your Stripe account's Publishable key. Go back to Softr Settings > Integrations page, add the copied Publishable key to the Stripe Checkout input box and press Save (see below).

3. Add Checkout Details to your Application

As a final step, you need to add checkout details on your Pricing block to let payments proceed with Stripe. Open Softr Studio, scroll to your application's Pricing section, open the sidebar. You can now start configuring corresponding Stripe products to match your Pricing tiers, by choosing "Stripe Checkout" option as a Button action (see below).
NOTE: You have to be on a paid plan to use the Stripe Checkout option, otherwise you will be asked to Upgrade first.
Now you just need to configure each plan corresponding to your Stripe product. If you have multiple billing cycles, you need to configure "Monthly Plan" & "Yearly Plan" fields in Softr. In case of single billing cycle, you will configure only one "Plan" field.
You can find the Monthly/Yearly Plan ID by navigating to your Stripe Dashboard. On the dashboard, open Products Menu, select a specific product, and choose the corresponding Plan ID from the Pricing plans list. In case your Products list or Pricing list is empty, please make sure to follow the Stripe documentation to create Products & Plans first.
And finally, you need to fill out "Success Url" and "Error Url" fields, which show correspondingly where will customers be redirected upon completion (or cancellation/error scenario) of the checkout process.
The "Success Url" and "Error Url" fields are mandatory and Stripe checkout won't work if they are empty or don't start with either http:// or https://.

4. Test the integration

You can now test your Stripe Checkout integration. Make sure to publish your application to Live before the test.
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