Stripe Checkout

The Stripe Checkout integration lets you collect payments from your application built on Softr.

With Stripe Checkout’s serverless integration for simple one-time payments or recurring subscriptions, you are able to charge your customers with a click of a button.

Connecting Stripe

Connecting to Stripe requires you to have an account on Stripe. If you don't have an account yet or new to Stripe, please get yourself familiar with the Stripe documentation first.

After making sure you have a Stripe account, Products & Pricing Plans defined, proceed with these steps to connect Stripe to your Softr's application.

Step 1: Enable Checkout on Softr Side

To enable checkout on Softr side, you need to first add your Stripe's authentication keys to Softr. You need to navigate to the API keys page on your Stripe checkout and copy the Publishable key and Secret key to your Softr app's Settings => Integrations => Stripe Checkout page as shown below.

Adding Stripe authentication keys on Softr
Adding Stripe authentication keys on Softr

Step 2: Add a Checkout to your Application

To collect payments from your users, you can either use the Simple Checkout Form or link to a Stripe checkout from your site (e.g. using the Pricing block).

You can also add a Simple Billing Form or connect a Stripe Custome Portal to allow your users to view and edit their billing details.

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Last updated on September 27, 2023