Softr Subscription Plans and Account Settings

Configuring your Softr account.

Do I also need to have Airtable subscription to use Softr?

Not necessarily. The Airtable free plan has a 1200 row limit per base and, if you are not going to need more than that, the free plan should work fine.

If I cancel my paid subscription, will my site stay active?

Yes, your site will stay the same (including paid features). You'll just switch to Free plan and won't be able to add new paid features.

What will happen if I use Starter/Pro plan for a month and then upgrade?

Please note that the remaining amount will be used as a balance and then you will pay the delta only.

Is there a free trial option for the paid subscription plans?

Yes, a one-month free trial is available for all the paid plans (both monthly and yearly).

How can I switch off Google login from my Softr account and connect only with my email?

You will need to log out from your account and do a forgot password. Then set a new password.

How to change the login email address of my Softr account?

You can change your email from My Account.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022