Questions related to different Softr block types.

Can I link a List Details block to a Table?

Yes, you can add a button to a table row and link the List Details block to the Table (it is similar to connecting the List Details block to the List block).

How to disable Header & Footer?

You can disable them from your application's Page Settings.

How to add a Search Bar for the whole site?

Unfortunately, this feature is not available yet.

Can I apply separate metadata and slug for each List Details record?

Yes, it is possible to do as described here.

How do I make forms in Softr retrieve the webpage URL user is submitting the form from?

You will need to create a hidden field and pass it as the value {PAGE}.

How to embed a Softr block/page on an external site?

You will learn how to do it here.

How to show signup instead of a 401 page (not authorized)?

You will learn how to do it here.

Can I use a Checkbox field in a List Conditional Filter?

You need to use a Formula field on Airtable to convert it to regular text. Learn more here.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022