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Questions related to the app settings.

How to disable the Softr badge on my app?
Disabling Softr badge is available for users on the Professional plan and above.

You can disable it from your Application Settings => General => Softr Branding.

Are there default cookies on Softr?

Most cookies are coming with your integrations, while Softr uses cookies for user signin and signup only. Apart from that, we do not have any other cookies.

How do I set up SSL for my domain?

You don’t need to set it up. SSL is provided for free out of the box.

How can I change which email to use to send emails from my Softr app?

Check Email Signature in the app settings.

How to prevent Google from indexing my Softr app?

Add the following instructions to the robots.txt field in your app's Settings => SEO:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /

If you need to disallow specific page(s), indicate the exact slug(s). Here's an example:

Disallow: /about_us_test

Disallow: /products/test_product

Disallow: /products/
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Last updated on August 24, 2023