Troubleshooting Airtable API call limit exceeded

Review Airtable plans, check rate limits, explore solutions for optimal performance.

If you're facing issues with Airtable API call limits being exceeded, follow these 3 steps to identify the problem and find the right solution.

Step 1 – Understand Your Plan's API Call Limits

Review your Airtable plan and associated API call limits:

  • Free Plan: 1000 API calls per month
  • Team Plan: 100,000 API calls per month
  • Business Plan: Unlimited API calls per month
  • Enterprise Plan: Not disclosed publicly

Check your Airtable plan next to the name of the workspace:

Airtable plan name next to the workspace name.
Airtable plan name next to the workspace name.
Make sure your connected Airtable base is actually in the workspace you are reviewing, and that the workspace is a paid one.

If you exceed the limit within a month, your API access will keep working and your rate limit will be reduced for the remainder of the month, returning to normal at month-end – rate limiting is described later on this page.


  • API call limits are applied per Airtable workspace – regardless of seats, the monthly API limit remains the same.
  • There is a shared API calls quota – across all integrations in a workspace, meaning third-party tools and multiple Softr apps, share the same request limits.
Airtable plans to enable API usage monitoring in workspace settings in the future.

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Step 2 – Check if you are hitting the rate limit

Airtable imposes a rate limit of 5 requests per second to ensure optimal user performance across all pricing tiers. If a monthly API calls limit exceeds, depending on the Airtable price tier:

  • Free Plan: rate limit will decrease to 2 requests per second until the month ends
  • Team Plan: rate limit will decrease to 2 requests per second until the month ends
  • Business Plan: rate limit will maintain 5 requests per second
  • Enterprise Plan: rate limit will maintain 5 requests per second
Choose a higher-tiered plan, such as the Business or Enterprise Plan, to ensure a consistently fast experience throughout the month.

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Step 3 – Find potential solutions:

  • We’re doing our best to not exceed Airtable’s rate limiting. You can also keep your pages slim, not exceeding around 5 dynamic blocks per page.
  • Isolate Airtable bases that consume many API calls into separate Airtable workspaces to balance API call limits.
  • When possible, try using the unique Softr App <> Airtable Workspace <> Airtable Base combination.
  • Instead of creating separate Airtable connections for your Softr apps, reuse the existing ones in your Softr workspace. Aim to consistently use one "My Airtable Connection (usrXXXX) #1" across all applications per Softr workspace. Only generate a new connection when dealing with new Airtable user accounts or workspaces.
  • Upgrade to a higher Airtable plan. This will not affect your Softr’s flat-rate pricing. Each Softr plan comes with a set of user allowances designed for a company size:
    • The number of users you have in Softr does not affect your Airtable bill.
    • Your teammates also don’t need an Airtable license to be added as users in your Softr app.

If issues persist, contact us via support chat.

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Last updated on December 15, 2023