Button Visibility

Configuring who can see the Action Button.

Free and Starter plans can only change who can see the button (All Users, Logged-in Users, or Non Logged-in Users). Professional plan can also configure conditional visibility but can’t set custom user groups. Finally, Business plan has access to all the features in Button Visibility.

Each Action Button has a Button Visibility section where you can define which users the button is accessible to.

Accessing Button Visibility
Accessing Button Visibility

Topbar buttons such as the Add Record button have only the Who can see section, where you can choose between all users, logged-in users and non logged-in users as well as select a specific user group, so that the button is visible only to the selected custom user group.

Item buttons (such as the Update Record button), on the other hand, also have an option to set conditional visibility (called On which record) to show selected records based on conditional rules.

The conditional visibility works similar to List Conditional Filters.

We set up button visibility when configuring Add Record and Update Record buttons, so you can check out these articles for specific examples of customizing button visibility.

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Last updated on March 20, 2023