Softr templates will make your life easier.

Although it’s still pretty easy to create a Softr application from scratch, the best way to get started with a Softr project is through a Softr template. Our growing library of templates covers a wide range of use cases from internal tools to online communities, so chances are high you’ll find what you need. Even if it’s something remotely close, it’s still easier to modify the ready-made template blocks and database than creating everything from scratch.

Each template comes with a ready-made collection of blocks along with their stylings/formatting and visuals. Templates also have their own database with mock data, which you can import and start modifying.

Just browse the template library and, as soon as you find what you need, hit Use Template, and you’ll be immediately taken to the template application and can start customizing it.

The template setup process is described in our quick start guide.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022