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Simple Checkout Form
A Stripe checkout form to make purchases
Simple Checkout Form
Using this block, you can set up paid membership and charge your users for accessing certain sections (pages or blocks) of your Softr app. Prior to setting up this block, you need to connect Stripe to be able to offer Stripe products (one-time products or subscriptions) to your users. So, let's go ahead and examine the block settings.

Title and Images

Logo, Title, and Background Image
First come the standard block fields for modifying the Logo and Title of the block as well as adding a Background Image if needed.

Product Setup

Next, you need to set up the product that you want to offer to your users.
Product Parameters
The Product dropdown is a list with all your Stripe products. First you need to select a certain product, then fill out the rest of the product fields (Name, Price, Interval, Description) as you wish them to be shown on your checkout page. In the example shown below, we've chosen the Maker (Monthly) product, and set the other fields to their corresponding values.
Product Selection
Below, you can see how it looks on the actual checkout form.
Checkout form


Apply Discount

Checkout Form
Here you can choose to Show Discount. If it's enabled, you can modify the text for the discount button and coupon input field. The form will accept coupons defined for the selected Stripe product.


Button Settings
Here you can modify the Text of the payment submissions button. The Action of the button is predefined.

On Click

On Click Dropdown
Lastly, you can choose to which page the user is taken after making the payment.
That's it. As soon as you have provided a checkout for a specific product, you can go ahead and define access conditions (for a block or a page) for users who have paid for the product.