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Linked Lists
With Linked Lists you can set a condition in item's details page (List Details block) to show entries from another list associated with that item. Let's consider a specific example to make it clear. Let's say you have a List block linked to an Airtable table with a list of projects (called "Projects"), as shown below.
Projects table
List block with projects
Further on, you have a table with tasks (called "Tasks"), where each task is assigned to one of the projects. It can be a Lookup field that looks up the Name field from the Projects table, but it can also be a regular field that contains the names of the projects, as in the example below.
Table with tasks
Now, on the project's List Details page, we are going to add another List block connected to the Tasks table.
Task list added to the Project details page
As soon as you add the Tasks list to the project's details page, you'll see that the Projects table's fields will start appearing inside Conditional Filters of the Tasks list block.
Projects table inside Task List's conditional filters
Using this, we can now set a condition to filter the Tasks list to show only the tasks that are associated with the project that's currently opened in the page. The condition will be set as shown below.
Setting the filtering condition
So, only the tasks for which the value in the Project column corresponds to the current project's Name will be shown. Let's check how that works for the Ad Campaign project that includes two tasks (assigned to [email protected] and [email protected]).
Testing the result
That's it. Now, each project details page will also show all the tasks associated to it.
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