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How to set up a Kanban block
Kanban Block
The block is available for Professional and Business plan customers only.
The Kanban block allows you to display data from Airtable in a Kanban Board layout. Most of the setup such as connecting the Airtable base/table or configuring inline filters and search is similar to that of the List block, so let's skip those sections and proceed to the settings that are unique for this block.
To demonstrate how the block works, we'll use an Aritable base that contains a list of tasks. It has such fields as Assignee, Task Status, Task Description, etc. as shown below.
Task List on Airtable

Group By

Let's navigate to the Features tab of the block settings and look into the Group by option. Here, you select the field by which you want to group the board items. If, for instance, the field has 3 values, the board will consist of 3 columns (each column is assigned one of the field values) and the records will be grouped accordingly.
In our example, we have grouped by the task Status field. Therefore, we have four columns (To Do, In Progress, Done) and tasks are grouped under each column based on their status.
Grouping by the task Status field

Mapping the Fields

In the List Item section, you map the fields that should be shown on board cards. In our example, we have connected the Image, Name, Assignee, and Description fields as you can see in the screenshot below.
Mapping the fields

Conditional Filters

Kanban's conditional filters work similar to those of the List block and are also located in the Data tab. For our use case, it could be relevant to configure them so that each logged-in Assignee only sees his/her tasks. To achieve that, we need to set up a filter to show each user only the tasks where the Assignee fields corresponds to his/her email.
Setting a conditional filter
Here's what [email protected] will see after logging in and navigating to the board.
User sees only his tasks

Moving Board Cards

Any user that has access to the board can move the board cards from one column to another using drag&drop. As a result, the corresponding value of the card will be updated as well. Below we move a task from the To Do column to In Progress. As you can see, its Status field value changes to Done on Airtable.
Changing task status
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Group By
Mapping the Fields
Conditional Filters
Moving Board Cards