Pie Chart

Pie chart layout

Using this chart layout, you can add pie charts to your Softr app. The settings of the Pie Chart layout are mostly similar to those of the general Chart layout, but there are a few differences, which we'll discuss below.

Linking Fields from Airtable

Let's say we had a 1-week event and want to show how many people showed up on each day. On Airtable we have the number of people for each day of the week as shown below.

Airtable data

So, to show it through our pie chart, we need to put the Day field first and then link the People field. Below you can see the final result.

Linking fields from Airtable to a pie chart

Chart Type

Apart from the Classic type, there are two more pie chart types you can select from.

Donut Type

Donut chart

The Donut type is similar to the Classic type, but it has an empty space in the middle.

Rose type


Rose chart

In the Rose type, the more the "weight" of the chart segment, the more it sticks out.