Reset Password Form

Reset password functionality overview.

This article provides a guide on setting up the password reset process, outlining two available methods.

Password reset for logged-out users

  • On the "Forgot Password" page, add the respective block where users can enter their email address.
  • After submitting the email, users receive a unique link (e.g. to reset their password.
  • Ensure these pages are accessible to users who are not logged in, specifically for those who have forgotten their passwords.
Resetting the password
Resetting the password

Password reset/set for logged-In users

Use the User Profile block to enable password resets for logged-in users.

If users log in using a magic link and wish to set a password, they should navigate to a page with the user profile block. Note that even after setting a new password, the Old password input field remains grayed out for these users.

Logo, Title, and Background Image

This section is configured similar to that of the Signup Form.

Reset Password form

Customize the "New Password" field placeholder text and the "Reset" button text in this section. Note that the action of the button is fixed and cannot be changed.

Block settings
Block settings
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Last updated on May 9, 2024