Page Rules

Redirect user groups to specific pages after signin, signup, signout, and unauthorized attempts.

Benefits of using Page Rules

With Page Rules, you can use your defined User Groups to route users to different pages based on which user group(s) they are a part of. This is helpful when you need to control the flow of users through your app. When combined with block level visibility, Page Rules allow for complex user onboarding flows, user approval processes, and even subscriber page routing.

How do I use Page Rules?

To access Page Rules, click on the Page Tab, then click on the blue Page Rules link.

Click on page tab, then the Page Rules link
Click on page tab, then the Page Rules link

You can also access Page Rules from the User Groups tab in the Users menu:

Page redirection rule moved, but you can still get to them from the User Groups area.
Page redirection rule moved, but you can still get to them from the User Groups area.

On the Page Rules screen, you have several options to configure, depending on your number of users groups.

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  1. You’ll see all of your User Groups listed. You can think of Logged-in User as a fallback rule for any user that does not fit into a user group. If a user falls into multiple user groups, the groups at the top of the list take precedence. You can think of the list of group as a heirarchy and adjust them in the stack by dragging and dropping the handle to the left of the user group’s name.
  1. Depending on what the user is doing, you can define the page they are taken to based on these columns - After sign-in, sign-up, sign-out, and also if they are trying to access a page that an individual Page Visibility rule won’t let them see.
  1. In each dropdown, you can choose which page the user should be taken to after the action in the column. By default, all user actions take them to the Home Page.

Prompting a user to sign-in first

In some instances, you may want to redirect non-logged-in users to a sign in page before accessing the intended page. You can have Softr handle this redirection automatically and dynamically by setting the rule for Unauthorized non-logged-in users to be your sign-in page. After signing in, the user will automatically be redirected to the original page they were trying to access. For example, let say you share a link called with a co-worker. If the co-worker is not logged in already, they will be prompted to sign-in. After signed in, Softr will remember the original page they were trying to access rather than following any static pages rules you have for them after sign-in.

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Which signin/signup options are supported?

As of now, the user group redirects are applied to all the signin/signup options apart from the following ones:

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Last updated on April 4, 2024