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Customizing SEO settings for each separate page.

You can add a meta title and description in the SEO section of the page’s settings. The meta title should be around 40 characters or less and the description should be anywhere between 160-180 characters. To open the page settings, click on the little gear icon in the upper left of an page in Softr Studio:

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Once open, click on the SEO dropdown section to access the title, description and other settings.

  1. Title - This normally appears in the tab of the browser and in search engine results if Search Indexing is enabled (see below). Should be around 40 characters or less
  1. Description - Appears in search engine results if Search Indexing is enabled. Should be between 160-180 characters.
  1. Search Engine Indexing - This toggle will allow search engines to find and index the page. If turned off, the page will not be visible to search engines.
  1. Canonical URL - The canonical URL is the preferred URL for this page. If set, you can have similar pages indexed under an existing page to avoid conflicts in search results.
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For any additional configs such as applying structured data, etc. use the Custom Code (header or footer) area in the page’s settings.

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Last updated on December 6, 2022