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Adding Users

Adding users manually and via Import

Adding User(s) Button

Using the Add User(s) button you can manually add users to your Softr app, who can later on sign into the app using the credentials that you've set for them.
Add user(s) button

Adding a Single User

In the ADD USERS tab you can add a single user. You just need to set a Name and Email for the user as well as a Temporary Password or a Magic Link.
Adding a user
If you choose to generate a temporary password, after hitting Save and continue, the user will be created, and you'll be taken to the next screen with user credentials.
User Added
You can copy the credentials and Finish without inviting or Create invite, which will allow you to send an email to the user with his/her login credentials included.
In the future, if you need to resend the invite, you can select the user from the list and choose the Resend Invite action as shown below.
Resend Invite to user

Import Users

In the Import Users tab, you can do a bulk import from a .csv file containing user data. After uploading the .csv file, you need to map the fields. The Email field is required, and you can optionally map Name and Password fields as well.
Importing Users
Next, you need to hit Create Invite to send invites to the imported users. If you haven't mapped a Password field, you'll be presented with authentication options.
Authentication Options
After selecting an authentication option, you need to click Next and send invites to the imported users including their login credentials (either passwords or magic links based on your selection). That's it, as soon as you send the invites, the emails will be sent and the users will be added to your Softr app.

Delete User

To delete one or more users from the database, you need to select them via the checkbox and hit Delete at the top.
Deleting a user

Export Users

You can export one or more users from your Softr app via .csv file. To do that, select the users you want to export and click Export to .csv under Actions.
Exporting Users
With Magic Link you can generate a unique token for your users to log into your Softr app without manually signing in with a password. This can be handy when you create a user in the Users section and need them to sign in for the first time. Later on, the user can set up the account info in User Profile and sign in the usual way. Let's see how that works.
First, you need to select the users you want to generate the link for (using the checkboxes in the first column).
Generate Magic Links
After selecting the users, click Generate Magic Links under the Actions menu.
After generating the link, you need to copy it using the copy button next to it.
Copying the link
You can regenerate any user's Magic Link at any time using the regenerate button as shown below.
Regenerating the link
That's it, now you can send the link to the user you've generated it for. As soon as the user click's on the link or pastes it in the browser address bar, he/she will access your site in logged-in state.
If you want the user to be taken to a specific page in your application, you can append the following parameter at the end of your magic link: &next-page=/page-path For instance, if you have a page that you want to add, your parameter will look as follows: &next-page=/about-us