Internal vs. External Users

What are the differences between Internal & External Users?

Maximum number of internal and external users allowed for a given app depends on the subscription plan. See plan comparison.

Internal vs. external users

When you Add users to a Softr app they will be identified as internal or external users. Internal users are those who meet any of these criteria:

  • Their email domain is whitelisted in the domain-based signup.

External users are those who don't meet any of the above criteria.


Consider an internal tool like an applicant tracking system for company "XYZ".

  • Head of HR ( is added as a workspace collaborator to work on the application. If she’s also added to your app as a user, she’s considered an internal user
  • HR managers like invited as users to your application, are also internal users, because they share the company's email domain
  • Applicants added as users to your app with different email domains are considered external users.

In another scenario, for an employee directory at company "YZX", only employees with the whitelisted "yzx" email domain can sign up. This makes them internal users.

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Last updated on March 29, 2024