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In this article we'll show you how to receive payments with PayPal.
You can easily integrate PayPal on your Softr app to start receiving payments. You can either add a single button or, if you're importing a list of products from Airtable, you can add a PayPal link for each product in Airtable so that customers can visit your store and make purchases. Let's discuss each case separately.

Adding a Single Button

Your starting point is, where you can choose the type of button you want to have on your site. After generating the button, the code can be added inside a Custom Code block in your Softr app. The animation below shows how to add Smart Buttons.

Adding Links in Airtable

Let's assume you've created your app based on our e-commerce template (see how to create an app with template Airtable base here). Thus, you have your product listing, and each product has a View Details button, which should be linked to the item details page (check how to link item details here). On the details page, there's in turn a Buy Now button. So, let's customize the Buy Now to link it to item's PayPal Buy Now button, which we are going to create now.

Creating the Button

On, choose the Buy Now button.
Next, add item Name and Price and make other customizations based on your needs.
You can also Track inventory, profit and loss and Customize advanced features, which are optional.
Hit Create button when you're done with the configurations.
In the following page, scroll down, switch to the Email tab, and copy the code.
Now, you have the button link and need to add it on Airtable to the corresponding product. For that purpose, we are going to create a new PayPal Link field on Airtable and add the link there.
On your Product Details page, change the Buy Now button action to External url and set it to the PayPal Link field.
So, that's the process for one particular product, and you need to repeat it for all the products, creating a unique PayPal button for each one. When you're done, the Buy Now button on the product page will redirect to the PayPal payment page, as shown below.
Last modified 11mo ago