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Iubenda Cookie Solution
How to add Iubenda cookie banner on your site
Iubenda Cookie Solution allows to add a customizable cookie consent banner on your site. Let's see how it can be done.

Generating a Banner

In your Iubenda account home page, click the Start Generating button.
Choose the Website option, specify a Site Name, and hit Start Generating.
Next, locate the Cookie Solution option and click Generate Now.
In the following page, you can customize your banner's design and configure other settings. Hit Next as soon as you're done.
Next, if you don't have a paid license, you'll see a pop-up with the upgrade options. You don't need a paid license for the cookie solution, so, if you don't want to upgrade at this point, simply close the pop-up.

Getting the Banner Code

Now, you should see an Embed button under Cookie Solution. Click the button to get the banner code.
Here, you can enable/disable Prior blocking and asynchronous re-activation and customize the banner further if needed. When everything is ready, simply click Copy to copy the banner code.

Adding the Banner Code in Softr Studio

Now, switch to your Softr Studio, navigate to Settings => Integrations => Iubenda Cookie Solution, and paste the code.
You're almost done. Just save the settings and republish your app, and you'll notice the cookie consent banner appearing.
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Generating a Banner
Getting the Banner Code
Adding the Banner Code in Softr Studio