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How to Send Form Data to Airtable

Use Case: Job Posting Form
Here, we will go through the process of creating a form within a Softr app and linking it to an Airtable base to collect form submissions there. We will create a job posting form, where users will be able to submit job announcements along with all the necessary fields such as description, location, type, and others.
See below a quick video tutorial or continue reading for a detailed breakdown of each step.

Video Tutorial

Send data to Airtable

Step-by-Step Guide

Creating the Form

To add a form, we need to add a new block, selecting the Custom Form (aka Sales Form) or Custom Form with Labels (aka Sales Form with Labels).
Selecting the Form

Customizing the Form

Now, let’s customize the form to include all the fields necessary for our job postings. In our example, those include such fields as Company Name, Logo, Job Description, and so on.
For each field you need to select a relevant Type. For fields that require the user to type in the value, you can choose Single line text or Long Text (suitable for the Job Description field in our example). For the fields that require uploading a file (e.g. Logo), we will select the File type, and for the fields that are going to have a predefined list of options to choose from, we are going to set the type as Dropdown. For Dropdown fields we are going to add all the available options inside Options separated by a semicolon. In the screenshot below you can see the job category field with its options.
Dropdown field options
Apart from the field type, we can also add a Label and Placeholder text. Further on, we need to pay particular attention to the Tag field, which will be referred to while mapping the form fields to our Airtable base.
The field’s Tag needs to match exactly (it's case-sensitive too) the corresponding field name in the Airtable base.
Below, you can see some of the form fields that are already configured.
Fields configured
Lastly, each field has a More menu, where you can set if the field is a required one or not.
More menu

Configuring the Submit Button

Finally, we are going to configure the Submit button to specify where the form is going to be submitted. Here we can define the button Text and Action. Under the Action list, we have multiple options for submitting the form. Since we want to link our form to Airtable, we are going to choose the Send to Airtable option.
Setting Button Action
After choosing the Send to Airtable option, we also need to select the Base and Table that needs to be linked to our form. Let's see how the base should be configured and linked.
To be able to select Base and Table from your Airtable workspace, you need to have your Airtable account linked to your Softr app. To do that, get the Airtable API key and add it in Settings => Integrations => Airtable.
Selecting Base and Table

Linking the Airtable Base

In our Airtable base, the fields (base columns) need to correspond to the form fields in the Softr app. The column name needs to be the same as the field’s tag within the form, and their types need to match as well. In Airtable, we have similar field types:
  • Single line text
  • Long text
  • Attachment (corresponds to File in the form)
  • Single select/Multiple select (correspond to Dropdown in the form)
In the following screenshot, you can see the “Category” field along with its field type and available options.
Category field on Airtable
Thus, as soon as we have our Airtable base ready, we can proceed with linking it to our form by selecting the Base and Table as described above.

Publishing the Form and Testing

That’s it. Our form is ready, and all we need to do is to publish it and do a test submission. If the test is successful, a new row with the form submission should be added in the connected Airtable base. Below, you can see the test data filled in inside the form and how it looks after being submitted to Airtable.
Test data filled in the form
Submission added in the Airtable base