Show locations through a map.

The Map block can be used to display a list of locations from a data source through a Google Map. Let's see how it's configured.

The feature is available for all subscription plans including the Free plan.

Preparing Data

First of all, you need to have the list of your locations in your data source. Let’s use Airtable as an examples and set up the data there. Below you can see the example data set we're going to use.

Map data
Map data

As you can see, we've added three cities with their respective coordinates, images, and URLs. The Image and URL fields are optional and, if added, will be displayed inside the pop-up that opens when clicking on the location. We'll discuss this in greater detail a bit later.

Setting up the map block

As soon as we have our data, we can proceed to setting up the Map on Softr. So, let's add the block and start configuring it.

Selecting Base and Table

First of all, we need to select the base and table where the map data is stored. To do that, we need to navigate to the Data tab in block settings.

Connecting Base and Table
Connecting Base and Table

Inline Filters

Now, let's navigate to the Features tab and see what we got there. Inline Filters let you add a filter to your Map to allow users filter the map by a given field. This works similar to the List block inline filters.

Map Options

Title and Subtitle

Here, you can add a Title and Subtitle for the block.

Map API Key

To be able to use the map, you need to create an API key through your Google developer account and add it in Settings => Integrations => Google Map. A detailed guide on setting up the API key can be found here.

Adding Google Map key
Adding Google Map key


Here, you define the zoom level of the map. The map can have a different number of zoom levels based on the location, but it’s usually around 21 (i.e. you can enter a decimal ranging from 1 to 21). See how it works below.

Testing the zoom option
Testing the zoom option

Latitude and Longitude

Lastly, we need to select the coordinate fields from our Airtable data we had prepared earlier.

Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude

Marker Option

Finally, you need to configure the map marker. Apart from the Color, you need to define the Title of each location to be shown inside a pop-up when clicking on the location.

Further down, you can see how we configure the marker settings.

Dynamic Fields

You can add any number of additional fields that will be displayed inside a pop-up that appears when the user clicks on the location. Below, you can see how we set up the marker along with dynamic fields. We add Image and URL fields and check how they appear inside the location pop-up.

Setting app the marker settings
Setting app the marker settings
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Last updated on December 6, 2022